· By Mary Dale

Why Ditch Artificial Fragrance?

What's one swap that can drastically increase your health this spring season? 

Ditching synthetic fragrances!

Synthetic fragrance and perfumes are one of the worst offenders for hormone disruption, skin irritation, and general toxicity. If you could quickly eliminate one ingredient, let this be it! Beware if you see “fragrance” or “perfume” on the ingredient list, which are a catch-all for 3,000+ undisclosed chemicals that can be highly allergenic, including phthalates (which are stored in fat cells and are hormone disruptors and potential carcinogens). Instead choose products that are fragrance free or use essential oil based fragrances. Verde Lusso ONLY sells products free from synthetic fragrance so you can rest assured knowing that your intention to shop clean aligns with what we stock on our shelves.
Look below for our picks for luxury natural fragrance products that are healthy while not skimping on experience. 
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